Effortlessly Distinguish Real Users from Bots with AuthKong

AuthKong is a powerful, easy-to-use smart captcha service that protects your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease.

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Simple, effective captcha protection

Happier Customers. Fewer Bots.

Shield your website from spam and abuse with a better reCAPTCHA alternative.

Slider & Icon Captchas

Easy-to-use slider captcha for simplicity, plus icon captcha for extra verification when necessary.

Data Driven

We use an extensive database of known bots and spam to identify and block malicious users.

Seamless Integration

With a drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA, you can easily integrate AuthKong into your existing website.


Gain valuable insights into your captcha usage and performance with our built-in analytics.

reCAPTCHA Alternative

Why Choose AuthKong?

AuthKong prioritises user experience with its easy slider and icon captchas, reducing user frustration and simplifying the verification process when compared to the more complicated obstacles frequently offered by Google reCAPTCHA.

Yes, AuthKong's robust algorithms, together with a vast database of known bots and malicious IP addresses, provide superior protection, beating sophisticated bots more efficiently than traditional methods employed by reCAPTCHA.

Unlike reCAPTCHA, AuthKong provides a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs, ensuring affordability for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, AuthKong offers detailed analytics, giving valuable insights into user interactions and captcha effectiveness, a feature often lacking in reCAPTCHA.

Bot Control and Protection

Enhance User Experience and Protect Your Website from Bots with AuthKong

AuthKong offers GDPR-compliant, user-friendly captcha services with adaptive verification for real users, robust bot protection, enterprise features, global reliability, and optimized performance backed by a CDN.

  • Slider Captcha
  • Icon Captcha
  • Risk Engine
  • High Availability

Ensure smooth access for your visitors and robust protection against bad actors

Block Bots

Prevent bots from accessing your website & apps.

Save Money

Cut costs by reducing the need for manual moderation.

Reduce Friction

Improve user experience with friendly captchas.

Fix the bot problem once and for all

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